Our Harbor

21˚N 19' 11" x 157˚W 40' 6"

Looking down on a map, Kaupo lies on the south east corner of Oahu. Looking out at the water, it was sunny, 2-3 feet, the middle of a rising tide, and I should have brought my longboard. Across the highway from the beach, I felt the surrounding shelf of a mountain side both shelter and challenge me simultaneously. If you've ever been there, you know what I'm talking about.

I've counted 22 days since my hard working man had a full day off. Longer still since we've used a 'day off' the way it's meant to be used: packing the perfect beach cooler, stealing smiles from our boys, forgetting the iPhone at home, dancing like weirdos with crabs on the beach, listening to waves break underwater, cold skin against sun-warmed hugs, mastering the art of - ya know - doing nothing.

I learned Kaupo was once the main port for incoming oceanic travelers from the Islands south of Oahu, receiving canoes all the way from Hawaii Island. Today it was our harbor. A simple place to receive each other safely outside the din and drones of traffic in our weekly hustle.